Dani Jackson

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach / Gut Health / Yoga Teacher /  Motivational Speaker / Published Author of Beauty and THE GUT


“When we nourish ourselves so thoroughly on the inside, we no longer need to seek nourishment on the outside”.

Beauty and Health begin in THE GUT. 

Beauty and THE GUT

I am here to help guide you back on a path to wellness and beauty. 

Whether you are suffering from conditions like IBS, SIBO, Candida, leaky gut, hormonal problems, gut based issues, skin problems like acne, eczema etc. autoimmune issues, weight problems and so on. I am here to help. 

Contact me for a coaching session, buy my book Beauty and THE GUT, join me for a yoga class, come to one of my Gut Health Workshops, or maybe just join me on my other social media pages.

 I'm ready to coach you all the way!





Hey my name is Dani. 

At the age of 18 I developed an autoimmune disease (Graves Disease, an attack of the thyroid). 

Doctors told me I had no other choice other than to destroy my thyroid FOR LIFE as I was led to believe that this was going to get me back on track to wellness, however it had the opposite affect as with no thyroid I then gained massive amounts of weight, developed depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, hair loss and changed into someone I know longer recognised. 

I then set off on a path to heal my body using food as medicine but it was a struggle as I didn’t know where to start. My struggle to get back to wellness empowered me to share all my knowledge that I have learned and studied over the years so that I could help encourage, inspire and motivate others to live their healthiest lives, without the pain and struggle that I have endured. 

My goal is to make this as easy as possible for people so they can live in a body that is free from pain, illness and to stay healthy all the way into old age. 

I wish for everyone to THRIVE & feel AMAZING. 





Dani Jackson

What I do



I am a holistic nutrition and wellness coach, yoga teacher, motivational speaker, life coach, personal trainer, ex school teacher and published author of Beauty and THE GUT.

I  specialise in GUT HEALTH and how to heal the body holistically using food as medicine as well as yoga, mindfulness, stress management and healing the gut microbiome so that we can get to the root cause of all our CHRONIC ILLNESSES today and BEAUTY PROBLEMS simply by healing THE GUT.