Dani Jackson

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach / Gut Health / Yoga Teacher /  Motivational Speaker / Published Author of Beauty and THE GUT

About Dani Jackson 

The brief story of Dani Jackson

Hello, I'm Dani Jackson, a holistic nutrition and wellness coach, yoga teacher, motivational speaker, published author of Beauty and THE GUT and expert in gut health.

I have been coaching people back to wellness since 2015 across Dubai,  currently the UK as well as Worldwide through social media.

I love experiencing the huge positive impact it can have in their lives.

If you're ready to get back to wellness. I'm ready to get you there!


- Dani Jackson 

- A few client testimonials -

Kay Louise Hardy 

"Such good information that really helps. I have started making some changes based upon the advice in Dani’s book Beauty and the Gut and I already feel and look better. My energy has been better in the last week than before I had my daughter”. 


"I got this book a few months ago, it's very easy to understand, well laid out especially all the table charts, very informative and due to following its guidlines I have lowered my medication dosage, have more energy now and can only owe this to Danielle Jacksons book“. 

Ami Melissa

"That was the best money I have ever spent, I have learned so much from you! It was a fantastic hour, jam packed with information”.