Holistic Nutrition / Healing & Wellness Coach / Gut Health Educator / Immune Health / Hormone Health / Anti-Aging / Detox / RYT200 Yoga Teacher /  Pilates Teacher/ Motivational Speaker / Published Author of Beauty and THE GUT & How to Beat Coronaviruses.


A warrior feeds her body well.

She trains it, works on it.

Where she lacks knowledge, she studies.

But above all, she must believe in her strength of will and purpose and heart and soul.

She is powerful, she is different.

The brief story of Dani Jackson

Hello, I'm Danielle Jackson (please call me Dani). I am a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Expert in Gut Health, Researcher of Health and Healing, Published Author of Beauty and THE GUT and How to Beat Coronaviruses and Other Viruses Naturally!

I have been coaching people back to wellness since 2015 across Dubai, currently the UK as well as Worldwide through social media.

I love experiencing the huge positive impact it can have in their lives.

If you're ready to get back to wellness. I'm ready to get you there!


- Dani Jackson 



Beauty & THE GUT TRANSFORMATION. WHAT AN AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT! I’m soooooo incredibly happy for them. They have worked so hard to HEAL & turn their health around. 👏👏 In around November 2018 after my book Beauty & THE GUT was released Matt was told to follow my page from a friend as his health was massively suffering. He was on medications & was carrying a lot of weight. He bought my book. Read it thoroughly & TOOK ACTION. So much action that he TRANSFORMED himself. I’m so happy. THIS IS WHY I WROTE MY BOOK! To help you look this incredible! You always see me posting my transformation from sick to well, well now you get to see that if you follow what I teach you will achieve. This is dedication. Dedication to change. No more fat, sick and unwell. No more taking medications. You really have done amazing 🙏. It’s not easy to change. That’s the hard part but LOOK what happens when you put that work in and make it happen. Matt only read my book, he hasn’t yet had 1:1 coaching with me (that’s coming soon) but look at the transformation JUST BY READING MY BOOK. 💙 Here is a statement by Matt: “Off My Medication” I read this book, took in its information based on solid references and my own experience I was able to slowly lower my medication. I finally came off my medication of omeprazole (an acid regulating medication) for gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux disease I've had for 15 years. Not to mention the thousands spent on this medication over this time but the pleasure in not feeling sick anymore without it is the most amazing feeling. Read the book, take in it's information and act upon it and you will 100 percent see results like I have. Well done Matt. 👏👏👏 Again guys my book was written for YOU to HEAL! I did it & that’s why I wrote it and now I’m changing lives with their health battles too. Make it happen guys. Read my book. Absorb the information. Listen to my videos. Sign up to my 1:1 coaching. Join my seminars. Whatever it takes I really want YOU to LIVE YOUR HEALTHIEST LIFE! It’s my mission to make you feel amazing but of course YOU have to do the work, I’m just your teacher. Much love to all you guys & once again well done Matt.

- A few client testimonials -

Kay Louise Hardy 

"Such good information that really helps. I have started making some changes based upon the advice in Dani’s book Beauty and the Gut and I already feel and look better. My energy has been better in the last week than before I had my daughter”. 


"I got this book a few months ago, it's very easy to understand, well laid out especially all the table charts, very informative and due to following its guidlines I have lowered my medication dosage, have more energy now and can only owe this to Danielle Jacksons book“. 

Ami Melissa

"That was the best money I have ever spent, I have learned so much from you! It was a fantastic hour, jam packed with information”.