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I posted this photo last year to tell you pomegranate kills cancer stem cells. Well now I’ve done new research on it for this virus. Here is something I found: A study conducted by researchers at the University of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina found that pomegranate peel extracts can play a role in inhibiting coronavirus infection. Pomegranate has been previously found to have beneficial effects on other diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, inflammatory diseases and even some types of cancer. Most importantly, pomegranate peel extracts were found to have significant effects in preventing influenza virus entry and RNA transcription. We all know that pomegranate fruit had some beneficial health effects," says Suručić (researcher leading this study). And in their study, they confirmed some of these aspects like anti-inflammatory effects of lowering cholesterol, lowering sugar." Suručić's team used computational techniques to see if the compounds from the pomegranate peels could inhibit the viral internalisation – when the virus enters the body looking for a host cell – and thus stop the infection. But eating fruits, many polyphenols from other plant sources like polyphenols, from green tea, is also known to have some antiviral activity," he says. "So when you mix all that, maybe you can protect yourself in some way to decrease the risk of getting infected." Another research study into the effect of virucidal products (physical or chemical agents with the capacity to kill a virus) on COVID-19 asymptomatic patients, found that pomegranate lozengess could reduce the presence of the virus in the patient's mouth. I have so many studies to work through to get this book to you. “How to Beat Coronavirus naturally”.

Coming BOOK 2 - BACK TO WELLNESS you will learn all about POWERFUL HEALING ADAPTOGENIC HERBS WITH THEIR AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS. This is just one herb and one amazing benefit if you take it. #ashwagandha. If you can’t wait for my book (as it will take a lot of time) Sign up for 1:1 Private NUTRITION COACHING. One hour sessions via Skype or Zoom.


Our bodies are under attack everyday with toxins in the air, in the foods that we eat and now one other huge concern is RADIATION ☢️ from the phones we carry on us, to the smart metres in our homes, to the WiFi, to the 5G towers etc..they are destroying the body and unle

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CHRONIC ILLNESSES do not appear over night they have been manifesting for years and years. They are all connected to your past, which is what I look at when you do 1:1 wellness coaching with me. If we do not address this now, the disease will only go deeper into your body and create more future disease. www.holisticdani111.co.uk. #beautyandthegut @holistic_dani #wellness


Are you supplementing with zinc?

I recommend you do even more so in 2020.

Studies have shown those who supplement with zinc have strong immune systems are are able to fight off THE C VIRUS. It also brings your smell and taste back as it works on the senses too.

It’s a question I get asked a lot so here it is in a nutshell. Why K2 and D3 together? It’s best to get your vitamin D levels checked as supplementing with too much can be toxic as it can cause arteriosclerosis. This is also why we take K2 with D3 it’ stops that from happening. Sunshine is always best for Vitamin D but if you don’t have a sunny climate to live in then you must supplement. We need Vitamin D3 for EVERY health problem to allow the body to heal. See my amazon account for supplements- link in bio above. Vitamin K2 is naturally also in certain plant 🌱 based foods such as dark leafy 🥬 greens so be sure you are eating them too. #beautyandthegut @holistic_dani

I love flowers 🌷 and plants 🌱😁. Makes me so happy to be surrounded by them. I’ve been desperate to buy a plant but wasn’t going to buy anything for my room as I didn’t plan to be in the U.K. forever but as 2020 and lockdown are forcing me to be here there is obviously a reason behind that and I need to flow with it so I bought me a plant 🌱😁😁. It’s been on my mind to buy a plant for a few weeks now and today I was on a mission to go & find the one I wanted, even if it meant I had to order on Amazon 😂. I did find one in the shops though that I wanted, it’s known as a SNAKE PLANT and it has HEALTH BENEFITS. There are always reasons to why I buy things 😁. Snake plants help to filter indoor air. What's unique about this particular plant is that it's one of the few plants that can convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen at night. This quality makes it an ideal plant for bedroom decor as it can help regulate healthy airflow. Our homes are polluted with toxins from the carpets, paint, mattresses, bedding and so on and having plants like these make your homes healthier. Toxins in the environment create xenoestrogens in the body, otherwise known as fake estrogen that creates ESTROGEN DOMINANCE and can cause a whole heap of Health issues and hormone problems. This is all going into my ONLINE HORMONE COURSE COMING SOON..link in bio above ⬆️ to be added onto email list for when it’s available to buy. 🌱🌱💙💫🙏🌱🌷#beautyandthegut @holistic_dani

INFRARED ME. If I could rewind back to being 18 years old again and being diagnosed with Graves Disease I would do things differently. I would not have had my thyroid destroyed and I would have avoided pharmaceutical medications. As I sat in the sauna eventually 25 minutes later in there I started to knock out some sweat and I thought to myself, “it feels so good to get the toxins and poisons out of my body that I’m holding on too”. My body felt like it was healing while I was in there & I wished I had allowed it to do that at 18 rather than being tied to medications now that don’t do anything for me except pollute my body with more chemicals. When I had my bioresonance test last week it came back that I have A LOT of HEAVY METALS in my body: Gold, Nickel, Strontium, Barium, Bismuth, Lead, Palladium and Tin. Heavy metals stored in the body are dangerous as they can cause autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s and cancer. My body needs to sweat 💦 so I can let some of them go. Infrared therapy has many roles in the human body. These include detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation, improved circulation, weight loss, skin purification, lowered side effects of diabetes, boosting of the immune system and lowering of blood pressure. There is no greater feeling than taking care of my own body and being in control of my health. I will never again take medications from doctors because there are better methods out there that actually work to HEAL your body and not just mask symptoms over with a pill. If anyone is interested in having a bioresonance test let me know and I’ll refer you to the retreat. Your heath is the most valuable and precious thing on this earth, take control back. My parents came with me today and had their test results too, I’ll share with you on another post their results when I know them. Look after yourself guys and remember, your body always wants to heal, you just have to let it. 💙#beautyandthegut @holistic_dani

I had a BIO RESONANCE TEST DONE and it’s come back I’m toxic 😂. I’ll do a Youtube video this week explaining my results. As you know my thyroid was destroyed in 1999 so my thyroid flagged up straight away. My medication is a waste of time, I really don’t think it does anything for me except pollute my body with heavy metals. My results aren’t bad except for the thyroid but the biggest concern for me is HEAVY METALS! I’m storing them all! As a side effect of no working thyroid I don’t sweat - like hardly ever! I was going in the sauna twice a week before lockdown but then it closed so I’m left being toxic 😂. Heavy metals are serious though as they can cause autoimmune diseases as well as cancer. I know exactly what foods to eat to draw them out so I need to try to eat more of them and I also must get in the sauna, the only way I can get them out is in my sweat. The test also showed any food sensitivities, as well as supplements I need to balance me out and that I have a respiratory issue. It’s all linked in with my thyroid issue though. The test shows other things which I’ll highlight in a video I do soon. If any of my clients would like a test send me a DM and I can refer you. I’m working with Sereniti Retreat for referrals so pass anyone my way who wants to be tested. I’m also offering a deal with a nutrition session combined with me, I’ll share more on this in another post. Cost of test is £69, obviously only available to anyone who lives in the North East of England but I’m available for nutrition sessions on Skype or Zoom worldwide if anyone wants to get their health back on track. One hour sessions. You know I’m peed off my thyroid doesn’t work as big PHARMA killed it off but everything happens for a reason and that reason is I WANT YOU TO BE HEALTHY! #beautyandthegut

I need to remind you, taking a probiotic cannot heal you alone. THEY MUST be FED with the right foods. If you take a probiotic and do not change the foods you eat, you cannot transform your health. The KEY is NUTRITION! It’s the food you eat. If you eat eggs, meat, dairy, sugar, vegetable oils, trans fats, processed meals (including vegan options), drink alcohol, sodas etc.. your body will not heal. These foods feed BAD BACTERIA. They also feed TOXINS and VIRUSES in the body creating a cascade of inflammation that eventually leads to disease and illness. To gain true health we have to nourish the good bacteria with healthy, clean foods, that draw out pathogens and all the bad bacteria in our body’s. A lot of people want an easy option and just think taking a pill is the answer or eating a bit of fermented food. You won’t change UNLESS you eat the foods to feed that good bacteria. This is MOST IMPORTANT! We are FULL OF PATHOGENS. PARASITES, TOXINS, VIRUSES and BAD BACTERIA. If you eat bad foods you will continue to allow all of these poisons to engulf your body. You have to EAT CLEANSING FOODS THAT YOUR GUT MICROBIOME WILL WANT. What foods are you feeding your gut microbes? Are you feeding disease or wellness? #beautyandthegut @holistic_dani #guthealth

I’m feeling very sad & frustrated with this world right now. My mission is to help people have HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEMS & this current lockdown is only weakening them but people can’t see that because they aren’t asking questions. They aren’t asking how to be healthy. How can they support their immune systems? What can they do to have good health? We are being told the OPPOSITE of good health in the news & it’s frustrating me because many are believing it to all be true. What we are being told is NOT good for our health & our immune systems. 1: Stay indoors & avoid nature & sunlight (the two most powerful healers to our human body are nature & sunshine). 2: Wear face masks every wear you go so you can keep recirculating carbon dioxide into the body & reducing our oxygen levels (we need oxygen for our immune health). 3: Keep watching the media as they spread out fear, which cripples the immune system as it creates a rise in cortisol. This causes chronic inflammation & DESTROYS the immune system. It is deathly. 4: Wash your hands in antibacterial gels that wipe out your good gut microbes & destroy your immune system (they also cause cancer btw). 5: Stay away from all humans even though when you hug someone you produce a hormone called oxytocin which supports the immune system immensely & has been shown to heal people. Many people are now alone & will not be able to produce this hormone. Loneliness has been proven to weaken the immune systems. 6: Eat processed food, dairy, meat, drink alcohol, smoke, fuel your body with preservatives & chemicals, again destroying the immune system. Where on the news does it inform us to EAT HEALTHY FOOD to prevent catching a virus? Does it tell us this? Oh no it’s getting banned on social media & labelled as ‘fake news’ when holistic doctors say, ‘we need vitamin D and vitamin C’. Why do they want this taken down? What is so wrong with taking vitamin D and C? Because they HEAL that’s why. 7: Stay away from gyms even though they help with our mental health & keep our bodies active and thus supporting our immune systems, keeping us healthy. Also moving the lymphatic system which stores toxins if not moved daily, if it is not moved it creates ILLNESS. But instead it is advised to stay indoors where many people may not be able to exercise in their homes. Once again destroying their immune systems creating anxiety & maybe even depression & loneliness. I hope all of you will be able to exercise outside. I know for many in the world this has been taken away from you. We AREN’T being told how to take care of our health. Our immune systems. Those immune systems that NATURALLY fight off ILLNESSES and viruses when given the correct environment & foods that heal & nourish it. Your GUT HAS MORE IMMUNE CELLS THAN ANYWHERE IN YOUR BODY! 80-90% of your immunity is your gut! You HAVE TO HAVE GOOD GUT MICROBES TO BE HEALTHY & what you are being told to do right now is DESTROYING IT! I respect anyone who wishes to stay at home during this time but what I need you to be aware of is how your immune system works and what it needs to be healthy. You have to have good gut microbes in the gut to stay healthy. These can only survive under the right conditions. A lot of people already have weak immune systems due to poor diet, medications, lack of exercise, chronic stress, c-section births, overuse of antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and all that I explain in my book. If you understand how your immune system worked you would know that what you are being told to do right now is not creating health. It’s creating sickness and not just from a virus. To support your immune system you need high dose vitamin C, vitamin D (sunshine), dark leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, legumes, water (not with fluoride as that stops the pineal gland from working), grounding in nature (walking barefoot in the soil or on sand), probiotics and prebiotics from those high fibre foods, vitamin A rich foods like carrots, papaya etc. Lots of healing foods, plants, herbs....YOU NEED GOOD NUTRITION. Most people are eating dead foods and the more dead foods you eat, the more illnesses and viruses can thrive in your body. ALL DISEASES COME FROM INFLAMMATION & how you reduce this is by GOOD NUTRITION & HEALING ENVIRONMENTS. My mission is to spread the truth about GOOD HEALTH and that’s all I want for people. If you are enjoying lockdown I’m happy for you but there are many who aren’t. There are many who are alone, who have no income because their job has been taken away from them, they may not be able to afford food, they may have no friends or loved ones and are not coping because that gym membership they had may have been the only time they got to see people or that job they had was paying for their food. We are all dealing with lockdown differently and I wish nothing but kindness and love to one another. We also have differences of opinions too on this current lockdown and all the so called ‘conspiracy theories’ that are being shared. Again it’s okay to not all think the same way but what’s not okay is to attack someone on social media with hatred comments against a post you may not believe in. Find the compassion and love in your heart to understand that we all see the world differently. We have all had different experiences in our life and that shapes our views of this world. Be kind. We are all in lockdown and what we do not need is more negativity to bring us down. I share many posts on health and healing, that’s what I specialise in and I need you to be aware that YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM is what either heals you or kills you and all I see in the news is information that destroys your immune system. I wish you good health and healing. Eat well. Be kind. Have compassion and love to one another. We are all in lockdown together. 🙏💙 Sending you nothing but positivity and wellness. 💙

Foods to AVOID right now or basically anytime for your health is DAIRY. It feeds diseases and also irritates the bronchial tree in the lungs (we want clear lungs right now so skip the mucus forming dairy and let the lungs breathe).

The whole FEAR of lack of CALCIUM because you don’t take dairy products is ridiculous because CALCIUM IS AN ELEMENT IN THE EARTH. Grass grows from the Earth and pulls calcium with it. When a cow eats it, the cow has to digest the grass and not all of the calcium from the grass will be included in that glass of milk you just drank. Why don’t you instead get ALL of the calcium by eating DARK LEAFY GREEN vegetables 🥬 . GREEN VEGETABLES are your best source of calcium , next in line are beans. #beautyandthegut

FIBRE REGULATES ESTROGEN. Why do we become ESTROGEN DOMINANT? A big reason is LACK OF FIBRE! It is the livers job to filter estrogen out of the blood. It takes the estrogen out of the blood steam, sends it to the BILE DUCT that goes to the INTESTINAL TRACT. Estrogen then hooks onto fibre and fibre carries it out with our waste. However, if you do not eat fibre, that fibre cannot hook onto anything so it is therefore reabsorbed back into circulation into the blood stream. The liver then finds the exact same estrogen molecule and repeats the same process. It wants to get rid of that estrogen but if there is still no fibre there, it will continue to circulate back into the bloodstream. This is called ENTEROHEPATIC CIRCULATION. This process creates more estrogen in the body than you should have. This then leads to a higher risk of CANCER, PCOS, FIBROIDS, CYSTS, ENDOMETRIOSIS and other serious health problems. “If you do not eat fibre daily, you will keep recycling your own waste over and over again. This will create future diseases.”

“The National Research Council, the American Heart Association, the American Institute for Cancer Research, & many more have emphasised THE IMPORTANCE of CUTTING BACK on ANIMAL PROTEIN & EATING MORE FRUITS & VEGETABLES for BETTER HEALTH”. Studies are showing that animal protein and it’s fat are related to disease. I am currently working with clients who have TYPE 2 DIABETES. This is caused by FAT in the muscle cells and liver cells and determines how sensitive you are to insulin. It is not sugar like we have been told. Sugar is poison but it is not sugar that drives Type 2 Diabetes. Excess amounts of saturated fat also causes heart disease in part by raising cholesterol. It is FAT in the muscles you want to lose to become healthy. We are in denial but there is an enormous body of research showing that a diet high in animal protein can contribute to disease. Despite all the evidence, there are those who still will never allow themselves to be convinced, even with the evidence pushed in their faces. Heart disease, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes & more are caused because we have become animal protein OBSESSED and why? Because of brainwashing. How many times do we see advertised you must not miss out on your protein. We need less protein than we do healthy carbohydrates. If you eat too much protein it stores as FAT! Carbohydrates are used for energy. I see the common links in my clients food diary’s. Too much animal products and zero fruits and vegetables especially the dark leafy greens. In children we have allergies, eczema, asthma, other skin problems, Type 1 diabetes, colic, (all dairy related), then we go to teenagers chronic acne appears (dairy). The later life the joints begin to hurt, osteoporosis comes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and Alzheimer’s..oh and research is now also linking dairy to Parkinson’s disease. “WE ARE NOT BABY COWS”. Now the GUT HEALTH link is equally important in these health troubles because animal products also encourage bad gut flora. There is no fibre in meat. You also have antibiotics in meat that destroy your gut that way too. Eat more plants. Reduce animal consumption. Improve your health.

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The key elements of animal protein include amino acids, heme iron, insulin growth factor (IGF-1), and N-nitroso compounds that decrease longevity, cause premature aging and chronic illnesses that we today are facing today. Consuming excess amounts of animal protein is linked to chronic disorders and premature death. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes is associated with staying healthy. After years of intense research, I have found people whose diets are high in animal protein have significantly higher rates of chronic diseases: hypertension, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many, many others, including cataracts, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, inflammatory bowel disease, gall bladder disorders, gout, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, and rheumatoid arthritis. (Dr. Garth Davis). Not only that meat changes the gut bacteria also making us gain weight. We have a ‘protein addiction’ and yet we need more carbohydrates than protein to have a healthy body. The RDA for protein in men is 56 grams and for women 46. Now I’m not telling you to go vegan but I am telling you to reduce animal consumption and increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds etc. I want you to eat more plants to PREVENT and help REVERSE chronic diseases.

Each year you are reborn. Every year your body creates new cells as the old cells die off. Did you know this? You can change how healthy you are because your body is forever changing but the food you eat plays a MASSIVE role in how healthy those cells are. IGF-1 is a critical factor in regulating cell growth. Levels need to go up when you are a child in order to develop and grow, go through puberty and so on. Then in an ideal world when you get into adulthood, IGF-1 levels should diminish. In adulthood we are no longer growing and therefore we don’t need this hormone anymore BUT the release of IGF-1 appears to be triggered by the consumption of animal products because the growth hormone is in them. If you have too much IGF-1 in your bloodstream, the higher the risk you have of developing cancer. IGF-1 creates cell growth and this overtime leads to the development of tumours. Research studies have found that animal protein stimulates IGF-1 production and the only way to lower it is by focusing on a eating whole-plant based diet and reducing eating animal consumption . Studies have also found that those with CHRONIC ACNE it is influenced also by too much IGF-1 in the bloodstream. Cow’s milk contains amino acids that stimulate the liver to produce more IGF-1, which has been linked to the development of acne (some of this is mentioned in my book #beautyandthegut). Did you know your risk of developing and dying from cancer grows every year - until you hit 85 or 90, when apparently, your cancer risk begins to drop. According to research this is due to IGF-1. The purpose of this hormone is to help us grow and develop so ask yourself this question..Why as an adult am I continuing to feed my body with a growth hormone when I’m now a fully grown human. If you are producing too many cells because of IGF-1 the only thing that they can do is grow into tumours because there is no need for these cells to be there. They have no job to do. You aren’t growing. They will therefore multiply and grow within you and lead to cancer. Prostate cancer and breast cancer are fed by IGF-1. These are the studies I currently have but I’m sure more cancers are fed by the same too. My advice to you is, eat a whole-plant based diet and reduce animal intake.

THE LIVER IS THE CROSSROADS FOR HORMONES. ADRENALS, THYROID, ESTROGEN and PROGESTERONE all of these hormones have to go through the liver, they are METABOLISED by the liver. The liver also metabolises all of your other hormones too. This means if you have a SLUGGISH LIVER due to poor diet, alcohol abuse, medications, antibiotics, toxic body products, heavy metals etc...your liver will be struggling to metabolise your hormones sufficiently leading to unbalanced hormones. THE LIVER MUST BE REJUVENATED THROUGH DETOX and LIVER CLEANSING FOODS TO MAKE THE HORMONES ALSO WORK CORRECTLY. You can listen to my insta story today on COFFEE ENEMAS as well, these are great to stimulate and clean the liver plus the gut. HORMONES ARE THE NATURAL DRUGS TO YOUR BODY. THEY ARE MESSENGERS THAT TURN YOUR CELLS ON OR OFF AS THE BODY NEEDS THEM. When dealing with for example PCOS we must rejuvenate the liver to metabolise blood sugar properly, thyroid, adrenals and then we can start straightening out the ovarian issues (estrogen / progesterone). Men today are also low in testosterone, this can cause man boobs and women have too much testosterone creating facial hair, skin breakouts etc..plus more and more people are becoming insulin resistant because of modern lifestyle / diet and chemicals. Changes to the GUT MICROBIOME- the good bacteria that live in our gut is also influencing the health of the liver and how your body responds to insulin. #type2diabetes #pcos Therefore we need to clean the liver and improve gut health for overall health and well-being. This starts with a massive diet change and eating more fruits and vegetables is a good start because the ingredients in plants 🌱 helps us to heal. HORMONES CREATE 100% of YOUR PHYSIOLOGY so we need to take care of them. Every function in your body is affected by our hormones. Both men and women! HEALTHY HORMONES ARE CREATED WITH GOOD GUT HEALTH AND A HEALTHY LIVER. These are SOME LIVER CLEANSING FOODS: - Cruciferous Vegetables. Turmeric. Citrus. Beetroot. Garlic. Chlorophyll rich foods. Milk Thistle. Olive Oil. CELERY JUICE. Watermelon. Dandelion root.

I drink either Matcha Green Tea Daily or Green Tea. Matcha is the better version but green tea is still packed with goodness too. The catechins (polyphenols) in green tea help ENHANCE the IMMUNE SYSTEM, together with vitamins A, C and E, Zinc, Selenium and B vitamins regular consumption of green tea may be of GREAT benefit in the PREVENTION of CANCER. It has also been shown to have the potential to induce apoptosis (cancer cell death) in MANY types of tumour cells. The Ohsaki National Health Insurance Cohort study, conducted in Japan over a period of 11 years involved 40,000 Japanese aged between 40 and 78. The participants who drank more than five cups of green tea daily had a LOWER risk of dying from a CHRONIC ILLNESS. Green Tea also helps to keep the skin LOOKING YOUNG and HEALTHY and helps to stop the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth, helping to PREVENT tooth decay and bad breath. Matcha and Green Tea are mentioned in my book #beautyandthegut Chapter 39. Foods to EAT for BEAUTY and HEALTH.

LIVE ON RADIO again last night and I do hope you tuned in. I was chatting about my book Beauty and THE GUT. Why I wrote it and why I’m so passionate with the work I do. I also talked about GUT HEALTH briefly and how it is the ROOT CAUSE OF 90% of MODERN DAY CHRONIC ILLNESSES TODAY & that if you allow your body to heal, it can 💚🙏 with the correct tools. Sometimes you need to be your own mechanic for your body. I also mentioned the topic of BEAUTY as my own story did begin with CHRONIC ACNE at the age of 13 and then because of overuse of antibiotics through my teenage years, stress and poor diet I then went onto develop an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE at the age of 18 (most of you guys know the rest of my story & what happened next, if you don’t you can go to my website www.holisticdani111.co.uk to find out more about me and my own personal journey). I also mentioned FOODS that can help SLOW AGING down (because I am hitting 40 this year, it’s important that we take care of our skin as well from the inside out). PROBIOTICS were OF COURSE MENTIONED and FIBRE! I hope you spared 30 minutes to listen and if you didn’t have time last night I will share the podcast version when I have it. It is IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE learns they can be well, that food is either killing us or making us thrive, that stress creates disease too, that your GUT is either a garden of roses 🌹 or a garden of weeds (those choices are in your hands!) and I’m on a mission to spread this to the WORLD 💙🌱💙.

HAIR LOSS. This morning my mum informed me her hair is thinning. If you have been following my stories you will know my mum has a leak in her small bowel, (LEAKY-GUT). Around 80% of NUTRITION is ABSORBED in the SMALL INTESTINE so if you have any GUT PROBLEMS you won’t be absorbing nutrition and you DEFINITELY won’t be getting nutrition to the hair follicles. Anyone with IBS, SIBO, LEAKY GUT as well as parasites in the gut will be suffering with LACK OF NUTRITION. The other culprit to HAIR LOSS is THE THYROID. If you remember my previous posts on the thyroid I tell you that, “THE THYROID IS THE BATTERY TO ALL OF YOUR CELLS”. If the thyroid is depleted and not working to it’s full capacity then NOTHING will work to its full capacity BUT in order to heal certain thyroid concerns like Hashimoto’s and Graves Disease YOU MUST HEAL THE GUT. Everything ALWAYS COMES BACK TO THE HEALTH OF THE GUT. I did a small video on my insta stories today if you want to listen. The other missing piece is the mineral IODINE but again that is needed for the thyroid to work. If you are suffering with hair loss consider the fact that you may not be absorbing nutrients because you don’t have a healthy gut. My advice: HEAL YOUR GUT, eat more plant 🌱based foods, take healing supplements if you have IBS or SIBO, do a parasite cleanse, have a colonic, do more mindfulness activities like yoga etc. to manage stress, change your shampoos to more natural brands but first place....HEAL YOUR GUT. Buy my book #beautyandthegut if you want to know how or book in for a 1:1 nutrition session. 💙

PARASITES 🦠 . We ALL have them but are you doing something about it? Read CHAPTER 9 of my book #beautyandthegut to learn about a PARASITE 🦠 CLEANSE. It is CRUCIAL we ALL take steps to do one at least yearly. More if you eat sushi, fish or meat and have also been to a foreign country where you don’t know what you’ve picked up. My gut hasn’t been great since holiday so I’m on a parasite cleanse and I will be going for a colonic soon too. Parasites can make you VERY ILL. You may not think you have them but I assure you, you most probably do. They eat your food and leave you malnourished. If not addressed overtime they can cause serious chronic health problems like cancer & more. In some cases people who have gut problems like pain and bloating it can just be parasites taking over. All you need to do is take supplements to KILL THEM, they will then be eliminated out of the bowel. The last thing you want are visitors in your body stealing your food right? This is one tip to help you kill off those little critters or refer back to the chapter in my book to know more. #beautyandthegut @holistic_dani

“A LOT OF HORMONAL ISSUES START BECAUSE OF HYPOTHYROIDISM (low thyroid). In conventional medicine they don’t acknowledge hypothyroidism until your thyroid is so low and the disease state is so advanced that they can then justify medication for you. Before that they may say, “we are going to watch it”. The lab tests they do are also insufficient as they only run TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). This isn’t an accurate test of how the thyroid is functioning. Get your FREE T3 CHECKED. YOUR THYROID IS ESSENTIAL AS IT IS THE BUILDING BLOCKS FOR ALL YOUR OTHER HORMONES. If your thyroid isn’t working then none of your other hormones are working as they should be neither. IODINE DEFICIENCY is HUGE! The World Health Organization estimate 70% of the worlds population are iodine deficient and it is ESSENTIAL FOR OUR HEALTH! We need it daily. YOUR THYROID IS THE BATTERY 🔋 TO EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY. If you don’t have your battery, you won’t work. LITERALLY! Low thyroid has been found in cancer patients, PCOS patients, endometriosis, fibromyalgia and more. As PCOS and ENDOMETRIOSIS are oestrogen dominant conditions what happens is, when oestrogen goes up, the thyroid goes down. ALL CELLS HAVE TO BE ACTIVATED BY THE THYROID IN ORDER TO FUNCTION. The thyroid produces hormones that activates the mitochondria in EVERY CELL IN OUR BODY, for example if your brain 🧠 mitochondria doesn’t work, your brain won’t work, if it’s the heart 💓 mitochondria, your heart won’t work etc.. YOUR THYROID IS ESSENTIAL TO THE HUMAN BODY TO FUNCTION! Eat a diet rich in iodine foods like seaweed - dulse, kelp etc.. - Supplement with Chlorella and spirulina powders. - Take an iodine tincture in water daily. However you choose to take it just make sure you aren’t neglecting the thyroid as your body cannot function optimally without a healthy battery 🔋. #beautyandthegut www.holistic_dani111.co.uk




Does something ever work without a battery? Your technology/ your body will not work without its battery.

You literally wouldn’t wake up, if you didn’t have your THYROID.

Hey guys my name is Dani to anyone new to my page. I’m on a mission to help people prevent but also over come these modern day illnesses that haunt us today by using food as our medicine & understanding that the gut is where healing needs to take place. The human body is designed to be healthy & thrive but it is “US” who create our own diseases (yes that’s right it is US). The standard diet is chock-full of foods that are difficult for the body to deal with. SUGAR, REFINED FOODS, DAIRY, GLUTEN, EXCESS AMOUNTS OF ANIMAL PRODUCTS etc..all put a stress on our systems. Eating these kind of foods day in, day out produces INFLAMMATORY RESPONSES. THE BODY SLOWLY BECOMES INFLAMED 🔥 & spends its valuable resources trying to ‘fight’ these food stressors, instead of spending all of its vital energy on mental function, hormone regulation, pumping blood etc...These certain foods cause hidden inflammatory reactions in the gut - leading to inflammation & leaky gut (increased permeability). You might be suffering from brain fog, energy crashes, rashes, acid reflux, bloating, diarrhoea, vomiting, pains in the gut etc...minor things right? But the biggest worry of all, these small symptoms can then grow into massive health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, MS, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, obesity, chronic acne, eczema, heart disease, COPD, endometriosis...and more. The list is huge. Pay attention to the signs, listen to your own body. If something isn’t right, taking medication is not the road neither if you wish to heal & get better. They mask symptoms. They don’t allow the body to heal. Drugs & pharmaceuticals also contain heavy metals that get stored in the liver creating more disease. To truly heal your body - YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR DIET FIRST - THEN YOU HEAL YOUR GUT WITH GUT HEALING SUPPLEMENTS- YOU MANAGE STRESS and so on. The body can heal if you allow it too but we don’t let it. We end up living in a cycle where we believe medication is the only road - NO IT ISN’T! But I will tell you the medication road is easier, you don’t have to change the foods you eat that are creating your health problems (because change is hard right? No one wants to give up their favourite foods) but what if giving them up made you feel well again? Pain free and healthy. There are many more amazing ‘healthy’ foods to choose from. I know. I make them. You have to learn how to cook. Get back in the kitchen and be creative. It honestly doesn’t take long as soon as you know what you are doing. Taking medication doesn’t mean you will feel good but eating well will. It’s your choice.🙌

EXCESS BODY WEIGHT contributes to INSULIN RESISTANCE, ABNORMAL HORMONE LEVELS, CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, DECREASED IMMUNE FUNCTION & significantly INCREASES your risk for 13 different cancers, including COLORECTAL, ENDOMETRIAL, OVARIAN, PANCREATIC, THYROID and POST-MENOPAUSAL BREAST CANCERS. Having a HIGH percentage of BODY FAT can DOUBLE a woman’s risk for invasive estrogen-positive breast cancer. BELLY FAT produces a protein called FIBROBLAST growth factor-2 (FGF2), which has been demonstrated to drive certain vulnerable skin & mammary cells to transform into cancer cells. BELLY FAT IS DEPOSITED AROUND ABDOMINAL ORGANS such as the LIVER, PANCREAS & INTESTINES. OUR TOP 2 CAUSES OF CANCER COME FROM WHAT WE ARE PUTTING IN OUR MOUTHS.

The rise in mental health needs to be addressed and it starts by looking at the health of the gut microbiome. Researches in Belgium have also found that those with depression were missing two species of gut microbes: Coprococcus and Dialister. OUR INTESTINAL TRACT is FILLED with TRILLIONS of BACTERIA 🦠- many of them helpful and some harmful. These bacteria help with everything from digestion to energy production to mood regulation, via the VAGUS NERVE that connects to the brain. The more bad bacteria, pathogenic yeasts, parasites and viruses overgrow in the gut, the more things can go wrong with our health. In the last week I have seen so many people commenting on social media pages saying they have anxiety and depression and what is their answer? Go to the doctor to sort you out. Will the doctor help you? NO! If you are lucky you may have a nice doctor who will refer you to yoga classes and or meditation (maybe counselling) but from what I have seen and heard their answer is....”here take this pill”. Does it work? NOOOOOOOO! There is a root cause to anxiety and depression and that root is in your gut. What also must be addressed is stress in a persons life as well as past or any recent traumas. Emotional health needs to be looked at too. It is not enough to simply hand out a pill 💊. “IF WE WISH TO HEAL OUR MINDS, WE FIRST NEED TO HEAL OUR GUT”’.

The human body requires MINERALS in order to be HEALTHY. If you have read my book Beauty and THE GUT you may have read how important minerals are to us. Unfortunately today our bodies are MASSIVELY DEPLETED in minerals as we aren’t eating foods that are rich in minerals anymore. This is due to all the processed, fake foods on the market but also because the soil today is also depleted. WE CANNOT BE HEALTHY WITHOUT MINERALS. Adding Himalayan Sea Salt into your body can add those depleted minerals your body is more than likely screaming out for. Here are a few benefits of the salt: 1: It contains the same 84 TRACE MINERALS & ELEMENTS that are found in the human body, e.g magnesium, potassium, iron, chromium, calcium & sulphate. 2: It helps to maintain a healthy PH balance. This aids in proper functioning of the body & inhibits the growth of cancer cells, disease causing bacteria, pathogens, fungi, viruses and parasites. 3: It detoxifies the body. Drawing toxins out. 4: It balances blood sugar levels. Due to the high mineral content it helps your blood sugar stay stable. Also great for diabetics. 5: It reduces inflammation. 6: It helps to moisturise the skin and helps with skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. 7: Helps with the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM to release stored toxins, pulling out impurities from the gastrointestinal tract. Also the minerals in sea salt are just great in general for the digestive system. 8: Cleanses the respiratory system. Loosens excess mucus. 9: Penetrates deep into the lungs to treat damaged tissues. 10: Great for asthma also and acts as an anti-histamine. 11: Improves quality of sleep. Great for anyone with insomnia. 12: Supports adrenal glands. 13: Helps with depression as it regulates serotonin levels. 14: Reduces stress as it contains the relaxing mineral magnesium. 15: Anti-aging. 16: Helps with muscle recovery and muscle cramps. 18: Good for the libido. 19: Balances hormones. #beautyandthegut @holistic_dani

This morning I had a nutrition client with quiet a few health problems. She had been to the doctors & all they kept giving her was medication. She’s also been through a lot emotionally but non of this was addressed. Doctors had no care or interest in the emotional aspect of the health concerns she was suffering with all they wanted to do was prescribe pills, even though some of the conditions have been triggered through trauma. They were told to have their tonsils removed and then a few years on their gall bladder was taken out. I said to her, “no part of the human body should be removed or destroyed (as in my case), each part of the body was given to us for a reason. It all has a purpose.” I then went on to say how a car needs all of its parts otherwise it doesn’t function correctly. Yes? You get me? It’s the same with the human body. You take something away it can’t function the way it needs too and eventfully things start to break down. Now this isn’t to say you can’t be well when you have had something taken away. I don’t have a thyroid and I’m doing fine BUT I do know I could be doing way better if I had my thyroid. This client was really struggling with their health and isn’t being given the care she needs from doctors. If I had not of been here she would have been left struggling. Most probably deteriorating even more for the rest of her life and she’s still young. I am very grateful and blessed to be in a position to help others now. Yes it is rewarding as they asked me but as I said to my client today, “I can teach you, guide you and give you the knowledge but only you can put it into practice”. There are so many sides to dealing with health & wellness. By handing out simply a medication pill you are not addressing the root cause. You are masking symptoms & potentially making the underlying condition worse. If the condition is also triggered through trauma no amount of medication is going to help. This requires counselling as well as healing remedies such as yoga and meditation to release the pain that they may be carrying in their tissues. The human body can carry hurt, pain, grief, trauma etc.in those connective tissues for years & yrs, if we don’t learn how to let them go and overtime these negative emotions can also trigger disease. A pill is not going to solve your problem - if you truly want to heal you must learn how to take a holistic approach so that body can heal fully and doctors unfortunately cannot give us all the advice we need. I even heard doctors have been googling patient’s symptoms as they are sat in front of them at the doctors. I mean!! That is ridiculous. Take ownership of your own health guys. I’m here to guide you but only if you are ready ❤️.


I can’t believe how many people don’t know what fibre is. 😮 I have had clients recently say to me, “what do you mean by fibre?” 🤦‍♀️

90% of Chronic Illnesses today begin IN THE GUT.