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Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach / Gut Health Educator / Immune Health / Yoga Teacher /  Pilates Teacher / Life Coach / Motivational Speaker / Published Author of Beauty and THE GUT and How to Beat Coronaviruses & other Viruses Naturally - Back to WELL

Beauty and THE GUT

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A healthy gut equals radiant beauty and health. It's that simple! Beauty and the Gut delves into advice on pre and probiotics, fermented foods, beauty enzymes, colon health, green juicing, leaky gut syndrome, IBS, Candida, SIBO, autoimmune disorders, PCOS, hormone problems, healing foods, foods that create inflammation and disease, acne and more. Discover how to enhance your outer beauty from the inside by eating the most natural radiant foods. Discover the wonderful effects that beauty foods can have on everything, from dry hair to pimpled skin, cellulite and ageing. Learn the secrets to outstanding beauty and health and recognise that they are all connected to one thing - your GUT! Beauty and the Gut is the ultimate guide to radically transform your health and beauty from the inside out. A book not to be missed! Buy on AMAZON. Waterstones. WHSmith. Barnes and Noble. Kinokuniya and other various online stores. Paperback and Hardback.