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In yoga we call this malasana squat but for most looking at the picture, it may look like I’m going to the toilet. 😂 Well actually this pose is good for digestion & why I’ve shared it for this post because today I’m talking COLON TOXICITY!

You can see all my videos on the insta feed today because I went for a COLONIC & an ENEMA & I learned lots of things about how badly people’s colons are with putrefying, rotting stools, fermenting with yeast & mold growing that most probably has been there for years & years & is a major contributing factor to your BAD SKIN or ILL HEALTH!

My colon was fairly good because I eat well & I’ve had colonics in the past but there were still some old stool sitting right at the top of the colon that was growing yeast & my nurse said it had been there for years. How lush ay! and I don’t eat meat or dairy, two factors that create sticky, clogged up colons. She did say it was probably that old it was from when I used to eat dairy! 🤦‍♀️ GROSS!

I’ve done posts in the past on colon health & people have dissed it saying, “food doesn’t stay in the colon, if it did you would be very sick!”. And the answer to that is YES WE ARE SICK! Years & years of lack of fibre in your diet & heaps of meat, dairy, antibiotics, sugar, white flour and so on are most probably stuck to the walls of the colon, leaking into the bloodstream causing a cascade of INFLAMMATION & DIRTY BLOOD. If you don’t believe me go for a colonic & see how far they get up the tube with water because I bet you, not far because poop is hard packed in there. So hard even warm water cannot budge it. It’s rotting & making you unwell. My nurse told me about her other clients so I know it’s true! It’s disgusting! No wonder we are so sick.

In my book on page 86 I tell you, “We cannot rebuild, heal, or allow the body to heal without detoxing out all of the sludge & mucus in our bodies”. Toxins become lodged. We carry a lot of waste!

Your colon gets so neglected, it is not a sewer system.

When we have a clean colon, we start to clean the rest of the organs too.

Hippocrates the father of medicine said, “DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON”. He is so right. Without a clean colon your health and skin will be suffering and deteriorating.

If you have read the Gerson Therapy you will know they recommend enemas everyday to heal cancer because they know ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE GUT! and that is where we go to heal the body. #guthealth